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The newest 'Dota 2' shoutcaster is Valve boss Gabe Newell

It's part of this year's Battle Pack for the MOBA's International tourney.

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Jeff Vinnick via Getty Images

Gabe Newell is a lot of things to a lot of people: PC gaming's greatest gift; the man who knows how Half-life 3 ends; reclusive sous-vide aficionado. And now he's an in-game announcer in Dota 2. If you pick up the new Mega-Kills Announcer Pack as part of this year's Battle Pass for The International tournament, you'll hear Newell's dulcet tones every kill.

In addition to the Valve CEO's bone-dry delivery ("Email me at and let me know about your rampage") for kills, you'll also unlock a sticker set and some cosmetic items, according to Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Cool. For this year at least, it looks like Newell's occasional cameo at The International is just a little different.

And for all of Newell's lines in quick succession, check out the video below.

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