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All Pandora users can now share tunes on Snapchat

Premium subscribers can spread the music love.

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Pandora thinks it has a way to thrust its not-so-dominant Premium music service into the public consciousness: hooking into a social network that's also fighting for relevance. Premium subscribers can now share songs, stations and whole playlists as Snapchat cards, whether they're headed to Stories or directly to friends. You were previously limited to using a free or Plus membership, and in a much less sophisticated fashion to boot. And yes, Pandora is fully aware that your friends probably don't use the service. If they aren't Premium members (but live in the US), they can listen to half an hour of uninterrupted tunes so long as they're willing to watch a 30-second ad.

You can customize the cards before they reach friends, and you don't need to explicitly link apps.

This is bound to be helpful if you're a regular on both services, even if there isn't a huge amount of crossover between the two. However, there is a question as to whether or not it'll find much adoption. Instagram's music stickers may be easier -- it's simpler to start in the social app (you don't have to leave to find music), and you don't need to subscribe to a specific music service to soundtrack your life.

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