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Facebook temporarily deleted cross-posted tweets

It has since restored the deleted posts, though.
bigtunaonline via Getty Images

If your Facebook suddenly looked sad and empty, devoid of all those tweets you cross-posted over the years, don't worry: they'll be back soon enough. Some users have recently discovered that their cross-posted tweets disappeared from Facebook, including discussions that took place on the platform, and for a while it wasn't clear whether it was caused by a bug or whether either social network planned it on purpose. Turns out it was a result of Facebook's decision to sunset the cross-posting feature, which took effect earlier this month.

After the change was implemented, Twitter's app for Facebook became useless. A Facebook spokesperson has told Engadget that a Twitter admin asked the company to delete its app now that it no longer has any purpose. That apparently led to the mass deletion of previously shared tweets. Twitter told us its request wasn't intended to impact old cross-posted content at all, and Facebook has since restored the deleted posts.

According to Axios, Twitter asked Facebook if they can compromise and figure out a way to allow users to post to both platforms. 1 Hacker Way apparently said no, so you'll have to go on Facebook to post status updates if you want to keep your friends and followers in the loop.

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