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Microsoft is launching a white Xbox One X console and controller

The bundle will retail for $500 and ship on November 14th.

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Today, Microsoft announced that, for the first time, its Xbox One X console and Elite Wireless Controller are available in white. You can pick them up as a part of the Xbox One X Robot White Special Edition Fallout 76 Bundle, which comes bundled with a full-game download of Fallout 76. It's available for pre-order now at the Microsoft Store and GameStop in the US and around the world at participating retailers. You can snag the bundle for $500, and it will ship to retailers starting November 14th.

If you'd like to pick up the white version of the Xbox Wireless Elite Controller, you can pre-order it at the Microsoft Store and GameStop as well. It will set you back $150 and will ship to retailers starting on October 16th.

Finally, Microsoft announced a successor to Turtle Beach's Elite Pro headset. The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SumerAmp Pro Performance Gaming Audio System for Xbox One is a fully customizable audio setup. You can pick up the headset for $249 in the US beginning on September 16th. It will be available in Europe starting October 8th.

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