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The biggest news from IFA 2018

Bezel-less laptops and a new Sony flagship phone weren't enough to save a quieter year for Europe's biggest tech show.

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We're wrapping up our coverage of IFA 2018, and things just seemed... quieter in comparison to last year. There were next to no new wearable announcements, plenty of mid-range phones, but only one premium smartphone. Meanwhile, PCs followed the trend seen at both CES and CEATEC, with shrinking bezels on high-spec laptops from ASUS. Your go-to IFA topics (huge TVs, curious home appliances and mobility tech) only had a few things to show off. That said, there were new moves in audio -- especially if you're in the market for wireless headphones or smart speakers -- and Samsung brings 8K TVs one step closer to reality. We sum up everything worth knowing from last week in Berlin. It's the best of IFA 2018.

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Camera & Editor: Kyle Maack
Host: Mat Smith

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