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Teenage Engineering's OP-Z synth finally goes on sale in October

The wait is over.
Billy Steele
09.19.18 in AV

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Teenage Engineering

We got our first look at Teenage Engineering's next synthesizer in early 2017, and now the company is gearing up to finally ship the portable instrument/control center. The OP-Z is set to go on sale next month, but the company didn't include pricing info in its availability announcement this week. However, pro audio retailer Sweetwater has the OP-Z listed at $599. As a refresher, the compact synth offers a 16-track sequencer that enables live composition of audio, visuals and lights at the same time. Teenage Engineering says this is the first device with that skill set.

The OP-Z also packs in 16 independent synth, sampler and control tracks alongside 160 programmable patterns and, of course, MIDI. When it comes to visuals, Unity 3D integration and support for DMX light sequencing is here to lend a hand, and you can instantly sync images taken with a phone camera with the unit. There's also a motion sensor inside with Bluetooth, USB-C and 3.5mm connectivity all on board. The OP-Z even has a built-in microphone, should you need it.

The OP-Z is no doubt an evolution from the company's first instrument, the OP-1, that debuted in 2010. Teenage Engineering says there are "modules" in the works that will expand the abilities of the OP-Z even further -- the first of which will arrive later this year. In the meantime, early adopters can employ an iOS app that uses your phone or tablet as a display to keep tabs on things. And yes, the instrument will work with a laptop as well.

Teenage Engineering is all about portability when it comes to its products, and the OP-Z is no different. While this new piece of gear will likely cater to a more experienced audience than the hobbyist-focused Pocket Operators many of us here at Engadget enjoy, the company is making sure a more robust production rig doesn't require extra effort to lug around.

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