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Waze navigation is now available on Apple CarPlay

It's the update iPhone users have wanted for years.

If you're an iPhone owner in need of driving directions, you've probably had one thing on your mind since June: when will that version of Waze with CarPlay support show up? Thankfully, you don't have to wait any more -- it's here. Hot on the heels of a corresponding Google Maps upgrade, the Waze app can take advantage of your car's touchscreen to provide its crowdsourced approach to navigation. The experience will likely be familiar if you've used the Android Auto equivalent.

The update is arguably one of the largest for iOS in recent memory. It's not just that there's one more alternative to Apple Maps (although that has improved over the years) -- it's that you finally have as-it-happens road updates without having to stare at your iPhone. It should be that much easier to avoid an unexpected traffic jam or track down affordable gas.

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