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Microsoft will end support for classic Skype in November

It starts with desktop support disappearing on November 1st.

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studioEAST/Getty Images

Microsoft's reprieve for classic Skype users didn't last long. In an update to its earlier blog post, the Skype team revealed that it will end Skype 7 support for desktop users on November 1st, and mobile users on November 15th. These older versions might keep working "for a little while," but the developers suggest that you upgrade to Skype 8 to avoid any disruptions.

Classic version support was supposed to end on September 1st, but Microsoft delayed the cutoff in August after complaints from users. Skype 8 represented a major update to the communications app with features like free HD video calling and drag-and-drop file sharing, but it also dropped features that some users had come to depend on. The extra time gives Microsoft a chance to restore at least some of those features and might make the transition less painful for veterans.

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