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Lyft lets passengers provide feedback mid-trip

The feature is currently only available for shared rides.
Chris Helgren / Reuters

Lyft is rolling out a new feature that will let riders give feedback about their trip while they're still on it, Mashable reports. For now, it's only available for a small group of users and only for those who've opted for a shared ride, but those with access to it will see a "How's your route?" prompt when they open the Lyft app during a ride. Tapping the question, will give you three feedback options -- bad, ok and great -- and after selecting one, you'll be able to elaborate on what's making the ride good or bad through a selection of prepared options.

Uber launched a similar feature earlier this year, allowing users to give star ratings, feedback and tips mid-ride. It said at the time that the new function was introduced in order to encourage users to provide accurate feedback instead of rushing through it or skipping it altogether once they've arrived at their destination.

Lyft notes that providing feedback as you go won't have any effect on the driver's rating or their tip. Mashable says the company plans to expand the feature to all users and all rides in the future.

Image: Lyft

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