You can rate your Uber driver during your trip

The company will also start acknowledging great drivers next month.

If you've ever experienced a less than ideal Uber ride but then rushed through the rating process once you arrived at your destination, giving five stars for a ride that deserved less than that, you're not alone. And Uber is tweaking its app to take those sorts of situations into account, TechCrunch reports. While Uber riders previously had to wait to the end of a ride to give a star rating, feedback or a tip, they'll now be able to do so mid-ride.

That data will also be put to more use. Uber says it will be launching a new program next month that will celebrate drivers that provide great service, though there's no word on what that recognition will entail. Additionally, Uber will use specific issues reported with lower ratings to improve its technology. If a rider reports a problem with their pickup, for example, it will be classified as a pickup location error and sent to the team that works on that feature.

Last month, Uber introduced a number of passenger safety features to its app, including the ability to alert trusted contacts about your ride. The company also improved its driver app based on feedback it collected from drivers.

Image: Uber