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Dad dating sim 'Dream Daddy' arrives on PS4 October 30th

The "Dadrector's Cut” will be available as a free update via Steam too.
Kris Holt, @krisholt
10.17.18 in AV

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Game Grumps

If you slept on Dream Daddy, one of Engadget's best games of 2017, you'll soon have another way to play the charming dating sim as the "Dadrector's Cut" is headed to PS4. You'll be able to try it on console for the first time October 30th.

The visual novel sees you, a dad, move with your daughter to a seaside town where most of your neighbors are single dads ready for you to date. There are seven beaus for you to woo, including a goth dad and a teacher dad.

The Dadrector's Cut has more side quests, the option to replay minigames, previously removed content and a brand spanking new minigame for you to try. And don't worry about missing out on all the extra goodies if you already bought Dream Daddy on Steam -- a free update will bring all those additional treats at the end of the month too.

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