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8Bitdo's GBros. links your wired GameCube controller and your Switch

It's $20 and now available for pre-sale.

When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arrives on December 7th for the Nintendo Switch, it will come with support for the GameCube controller. It's the pros' controller of choice for Smash games, after all, and even non-pro fans might prefer it over the Switch's Joy-Cons. You will need an adapter to link a wired gamepad with your Switch, though, like this new accessory called GBros. from 8Bitdo.

The adapter gives you a way to use not just your GameCube controller, but also a handful of wired Nintendo controllers (Wii Classic, NES Classic and SNES Classic) with a Switch or a Windows PC. Just plug your wired controller into GBros., and it will connect to your device via Bluetooth. The accessory even comes with built-in home and screenshot buttons.

GBros. will set you back $20 and is now available for pre-order via Amazon. It will start shipping on December 7th, the same day Smash Ultimate drops.

Update: Clarified wording on which controllers are compatible with the GBros.

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