Netflix reveals the challenges of creating 'Bandersnatch'

The interactive story required new tools to be developed.

Last month, Netflix dropped its interactive film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which lets viewers get involved in how the story plays out. Now the company is providing a look at some of the challenges the team faced while making the movie. "Part of the excitement of working at Netflix is constantly inventing what is internet TV," Todd Yellin, Netflix's VP of product, says in a short video released by the company. "There's a lot of responsibility because we are innovating on this whole new form."

The team behind Bandersnatch discusses part of the process behind the making of the film, noting that they only wanted to do an interactive story if it added to the experience thematically. "We didn't really want it to feel like it was just a gimmick," said Black Mirror producer Annabel Jones.

Netflix shows how the different story options added new challenges to the story development process as well how new technology had to be created to make the movie. "To really understand how it all fits together, needed whole new tools to be invented," explains Yellin. In the video, editors and script supervisors also describe the differences in managing a multi-pronged storyline like Bandersnatch's compared to a typical, linear film. "The fact that we're combining technology and design and innovation with incredible global storytelling really leads to exciting experiences like Bandersnatch," said Yellin.

You can check out the video below.