Soma’s smart bra helps women find the right size

It takes measurements and an app recommends ideal styles and sizes.

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Finding the right bra size can be an arduous process, and the vast majority of women aren't wearing the size they should. But Soma is looking to make it slightly less awful to track down the right bra. The company is debuting its Somainnofit technology this week at CES, which includes a Bluetooth-connected bra that can measure women for fit and an app that can then suggest which bra styles and sizes will fit best.

When a woman puts on the Somainnoft bra, it will take four body measurements, and with that information, the Sommainnofit app will recommend the best Soma bras for that person. The user can then order those bras through Soma's website, from a Soma store or directly through the app itself.

"We believe every woman deserves a bra that fits them perfectly, and our innovative technology provides a new, easy way for our customers to find their bra fit and purchase bras from the comfort of their home," Soma President Mary van Praag said in a statement.

Soma is showing off Somainnofit at CES, but it will also be available for purchase online starting January 8th. It will typically be priced at $59, but for a limited time, Soma is offering it for $25 and including a $25 discount on a full-price Soma bra. Alternatively, Soma stores will begin using it as part of their fit service later in the month.

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