Xiaomi's $60 AirDots Pro are not-so-subtle AirPod clones

Even the charging case looks like Apple's.

Xiaomi has long faced criticism over claims it apes Apple's design and marketing strategies. Its latest true wireless headphones won't do much to dispel such allegations. The Mi AirDots Pro crib from several aspects of Apple's AirPods, from the stem that houses the Bluetooth receiver and microphone through to the familiar-looking charging case.

Like Apple's earphones, AirDots offer touch controls for music, calls and activating voice assistants -- they work with both iOS and Android devices. They can function independently of each other, and can reportedly run for up to 10 hours on a single charge. AirDots Pro support fast charging, and the case can fully charge them in an hour. These are IPX4 water resistant and offer noise cancellation, features that weren't present in the original AirDots, while the silicone tips make them appear at least a little distinct from AirPods.

Pricing is one department in which Xiaomi definitely differs from Apple here. AirDots Pro (which are also available in black) cost around $60, about $100 cheaper than AirPods. Xiaomi will start selling AirDots Pro locally (not in the US, yet) from January 11th.