LG sale slashes OLED TV prices by up to $1,000

The Super Bowl promo gives you last year's sets starting at $1,500.

It's that special time of year for TV makers -- that is, the desperate scramble to sell TVs to Super Bowl viewers looking for an upgrade. And LG is determined to capitalize on that football fandom. The company has launched a sale that cuts the prices on its B8 series OLED TVs from now through February 2nd. The 55-inch model is now down to $1,500, a sharp $800 drop versus the original $2,300 sticker price. And if you crave a bigger picture, the 65-inch version is down a full $1,000 to $2,300. Neither is exactly cheap, but they're far more alluring if you've been waiting for an excuse to indulge in OLED's high contrast ratios and fast response times.

These deals are sweetest compared to the original pricing, of course, and they won't seem so hot if your local store was already discounting these roughly year-old TVs. For that matter, it's hard to ignore the timing. LG just introduced its 2019 sets, which add features like 120FPS video input and AirPlay/HomeKit support. You'll have to decide whether you're most interested in saving cash or having a few more bells and whistles.