Ducati confirms plans for an electric motorcycle

It's a logical step for a company dabbling in two-wheel EVs.

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Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images
Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images

Ducati has hinted at a desire to make electric motorcycles before, but it's committing in a more substantial way. Company chief Claudio Domenicali told guests at a Spanish event that the "future is electric" and the company was "not far from starting production" on its own two-wheeled EV. Regional Managing Director Eduoard Lotthé had hinted at plans in 2017, but this is about as official as it gets.

Domenicali didn't provide clues as to what this e-bike would entail, although it's safe to presume this won't be a leisurely cruiser given Ducati's brand image. Lotthé had suggested something might appear in 2021, though that was far from a definitive statement.

The company is late to the party. There are already number of brands offering electric motorcycles, and even seemingly traditional outfits like Harley-Davidson have jumped in. Ducati has signaled its openness to EVs in the past through its Zero concept and its partnerships on electric bicycles, though, so it's more a matter of following through than any kind of philosophical opposition to the idea. The question is whether or not the electric motorcycle will a lone model or the start of a larger transition to eco-friendly powerplants.

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