'Fortnite' Ice Storm event blankets the map in snow

You'll definitely notice the changes this time around.

Fortnite has had its share of map-changing events, but its latest might be the most conspicuous to date. Epic kicked off its Ice Storm event on January 19th through an in-game spectacle where the mysterious ice sphere (added with the recent 7.20 patch) broke open to reveal the Ice King, who promptly blanketed the entire map in snow and populated it with undead Ice Fiends. Unlike some events, it won't matter where you prefer to drop -- you'll be more conspicuous (unless you have the right outfit, that is) and may have to fend off zombie adversaries.

Ice Storm appears to have introduced even more secrets in the process. There are multiple eggs inside Polar Peak's dungeon, and there's a bunker underneath the former Happy Hamlet iceberg. You have new themed challenges to take on as well, such as wasting Ice Fiends. Epic clearly wants you to keep coming back to Fortnite, even if you missed the initial drama.