UPS will expand its in-building delivery service to 10 more cities

Smart devices will ensure apartment dwellers get their packages.

Do you like the thought of UPS delivering packages to your apartment building when you're not home? UPS certainly does. The courier plans to bring its in-building delivery option to 10 more cities starting in mid-2019, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington, DC. The concept remains the same as in the existing New York City and San Francisco. If you opt for it, a smart access device from Latch will let the courier enter the building and drop off your goods at a common space like the lobby or mail room -- you shouldn't get that dreaded "failed delivery attempt" notice just because you couldn't take a few hours off work.

The Latch system uses a camera to record every interaction you allow, and it doesn't permit access to your individual apartment.

There's no guarantee you'll have this option even if you do live in one of UPS' target cities. Latch is only available for buildings that qualify based on "several" factors like location and size. You can visit to register a building, but you'll only be directed to an installer if you meet the right criteria. Still, it's good news. Between this and initiatives like Key by Amazon, you're one step closer to getting packages on your own terms.