BioWare addresses 'Anthem' VIP demo glitches

It's fixing some glaring issues and promising a reward for early adopters.

The Anthem VIP demo didn't exactly launch according to plan between flaky connections and neverending loads, assuming you can even log in. However, BioWare has at least heard players' cries. In an update, the studio's Chad Robertson said the company was addressing the chronic issues with this first wave of public previews. It's continuing to "apply fixes" to connection problems (some of which might wait for the open demo), and believes it has addressed most issues where a "specific combination" of pre-order perks and demo access prevented people from getting in. Robertson warned that it was "difficult" to resolve the infinite loading screen issue and that it might not be fixed before the VIP weekend was over.

To compensate for the problems, BioWare is providing an extra vinyl (read: character skin) to everyone who played the VIP demo.

While this hints that the open demo the following weekend might not be as rocky, it's still a rough start for BioWare's first foray into Destiny-style shared-world action games. And a lot is riding on Anthem's success. When additional titles like the next Dragon Age are still a long way off, BioWare will heavily depend on Anthem for some time to come.