NYC's hip-hop museum will include iPad graffiti and a VR theater

A fusion between Kurtis Blow and cutting-edge tech.

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Scott Dudelson/Getty Images
Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Hip-hop and rap were not only instrumental in defining modern music, but in defining the technology behind that music. It's only fitting, then, that a major museum dedicated to the genres will be shaped by tech. New York City has confirmed that the Universal Hip-Hop Museum will start construction in the Bronx at 65 East 149th Street in winter 2019, and tech-driven exhibits will play a central role. The creators (including rap legend Kurtis Blow) plan on a virtual graffiti station that translates iPad drawings to an external building projector, holograms and a VR theater to "put you at the center of the show."

Music composition will also play an important part, with a DJ booth and a recording studio giving you a chance to mix and scratch.

You'll have to wait a while to take a tour. The museum won't open until 2023, and that's assuming there are no further delays (it was originally slated to debut in 2022). If all goes according to plan, though, cutting-edge hardware could help you appreciate hip-hop's roots in a more immersive way than paraphernalia alone can offer.

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