AT&T's LTE is now an option on all Airstream camping trailers

Why disconnect when you're in the great outdoors?

You no longer have to be overly picky about your choice of trailer if you want to stay online during a cross-country trip. Airstream has extended its team-up with AT&T to make LTE access available to any Airstream trailer, not just the 2019 Classic. If you want to connect your Basecamp or Globetrotter while you're camping, it's just a question of paying up.

That price is steep, mind you. The necessary roof-mounted Airstream Connected hardware (a router, high-gain antenna and GPS) costs $999, and you'll still need a data plan on top of that. You might want to consider a portable hotspot that will be useful beyond the trailer, especially in situations where reliable electricity is a scarce commodity. Airstream's option is primarily for those who value a slicker, hassle-free experience.