Bioware fixes 'Anthem' end-game just in time for launch

A simple trick let players bypass the end-game grind by gaining high-level gear.

Like it or not, the Anthem and Destiny comparisons refuse to go away. Just days after its Origin Access and EA Access release, players spotted a loophole in BioWare's new shooter akin to the "loot cave" area from Destiny's early days. The chest farming trick essentially let level 30 gamers grab high-level Legendary and Masterwork gear in Anthem's open-world areas, effectively allowing them to bypass its end-game grind. Streamers on Twitch and YouTube outed the trick on Monday before a map was shared on Reddit pinpointing the chest farm route.

Just hours later, BioWare stepped in with a fix as part of its Anthem Day One update. "We've reduced the chance of high rarity items in non-world event chests in free play. This applies to all difficulty levels," tweeted Jesse Anderson, Anthem's global community manager. The update also includes fixes to a host of other bugs including audio and performance issues. It will be available to all PC and console players upon the game's launch on February 22nd.