Netflix has an all-star cast for 'Green Eggs and Ham' animated series

Adam Devine, Diane Keaton, Tracy Morgan and others will lend their voices.

Netflix would really like for you to try some Green Eggs and Ham. The company has secured the rights to the classic Dr. Seuss tale and is turning it into a star-studded animated series that will be packed with familiar voices. The show, which is being executive produced by Ellen DeGeneres and will join Netflix's growing list of animated originals, will debut on the streaming service this fall.

Green Eggs and Ham will star Adam Devine as Sam I Am, the character who so persistently pushed the titular meal in the book. He'll be joined by Michael Douglas, who will play his polar opposite Guy I Am. The two characters will set out on a road trip and cross paths with a wild cast of characters along the way, all voiced by celebrities. Diane Keaton, Ilana Glazer, Eddie Izzard, Jeffrey Wright, Jillian Bell, John Turturro, Tracy Morgan, Daveed Diggs, Keegan-Michael Key will make appearances.

According to Netflix, Green Eggs and Ham won't just be a retelling of the book. Instead, it will tell a new story in the world of Seuss. The series will follow Sam I Am and Guy I Am as they try to rescue a rare Chickeraffe from a zoo and deliver the endangered animal to its natural habitat.