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georgeclerk via Getty Images
georgeclerk via Getty Images

It's hard to believe sometimes, but Samsung's Galaxy S smartphones have been around for nearly a decade -- no wonder the company's trying something a little different for the launch of its new Galaxy S10s. Rather than compete for attention with everyone else at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung is taking over the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco to celebrate ten generations of flagship phones. (Oh, and lots of other things too, we're sure.) How could we not liveblog that?

Granted, we have a fairly good sense of what Samsung plans to Unpack that day: expect a trio of phones at the very least, not to mention some details on its first 5G device, and maybe even some news about its wacky foldable. Knowing Samsung, we're probably in for a few more surprises, and no shortage of spectacle. We'll have a team on the ground (including intrepid senior editor Nicole Lee) covering the event as it unfolds while the rest of us provide insight and color from the home front, so be sure to bookmark our liveblog right here and visit again before Samsung Unpacked kicks off at 2PM Eastern/11AM Pacific on Wednesday, February 20.

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