We’re live at Samsung’s Galaxy S10 event!

The time for innuendo is over -- Samsung's about to spill everything.

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Nicole Lee / Engadget
Nicole Lee / Engadget

Mobile World Congress is just around the corner, but wouldn't you know it — Samsung wanted all the attention it could get. Because of that, we're coming to you this morning from beautiful, foggy San Francisco, where the company plans to finally reveal its 2019 flagship phones: the S10, the S10+ and, uh, whatever that cheaper model is actually called.

Now, there's little question that these devices are among the most thoroughly leaked in smartphone history, but that doesn't mean there won't be any surprises in store. After all, the company still has a lot to questions to answer and at least an hour to tackle them. What's the deal with the Galaxy Home? Are we getting a 5G-friendly Galaxy S10 any time soon? Do they really have a wearable to show off? And, perhaps most important — is that foldable phone we first saw at Samsung's Developer Conference actually worth using?

We've waited for insight into these topics (and many more, naturally), and we're finally going to get some today. The show officially starts at 2PM Eastern/11AM Pacific today, so keep your browser locked here for all the latest from Samsung Unpacked as it happens.

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