Valve 'retires' Steam's video business

From now on, content and hardware sold will relate to gaming.

While Steam is mostly known as a gaming platform, over the years it has also become a hub for video. That's included its own documentaries and even major Hollywood releases, but today Valve announced it's going to "refocus." According to a blog post, it has retired the Video section of the Steam Store menu, and said that over the coming weeks, non-game related content will also exit so it's no longer available for purchase. Still, if you did buy a movie or video from Steam, you'll be able watch it just like before.

That doesn't mean you won't see videos on Steam now, however they'll be associated to games and can be found under those games' pages or via search. As the company revamps its content policy and faces a new challenge from Epic, it's probably just about time to re-evaluate its efforts and focus on what gamers use the most, which is what Valve claims caused this decision.