The Galaxy S10 will get its own version of Adobe Premiere Rush

The app offers video editing on the fly for YouTubers and photojournalists.

Samsung is making a big play for video creators who don't want the friction of having to go back to their computers to edit their clips. At the company's Galaxy S10 event, the company announced that a custom version of Adobe's Premiere Rush will be coming to the handset later this year.

Rush, if you're unfamiliar, is Adobe's on-the-fly video editing suite that's aimed at YouTubers that want to chop stuff on the fly. It's pretty powerful, offering capture, edit, color correction, audio and motion graphics, followed by automatic exporting to various social platforms.

Right now, it's available on iOS devices, so long as you pay the usual dues to Adobe, and a generic Android version is due at some point this year. It's not clear what optimizations have been made to suit the Galaxy S10, and if Samsung has arranged a discount for handset buyers.