The Galaxy S10 features Samsung's first dynamic AMOLED screen

It also has an in-display fingerprint scanner and claims to prevent eye strain by reducing blue light.

As this story breaks, Samsung is in the midst of unveiling its latest flagship phones, the Galaxy S10 and S10+. (Plus that foldable phone you may have heard about.) Since we saw the phone ahead of the event, we have hands-on impressions already on the site, but given that we are Engadget, we thought it was worth taking a minute to talk about the screen tech specifically.

This is the company's first phone with a dynamic OLED panel -- technology that Samsung's marketing department is referring to as "Infinity O AMOLED." We're looking at an HDR10+ screen that uses "dynamic tone mapping" to improve the contrast, keep details visible even in dark spots and optimize colors when you're say, watching a movie. Unrelated to that, the screen also reduces blue light by 42 percent in an effort to minimize eye strain. That's not a special night mode, mind you, but the default experience.

Infinity O AMOLED screen

And, though it's not obvious to the naked eye, there's also an in-display fingerprint scanner -- a first, Samsung says. In particular, the scanner claims to sense the "3D contours" of your finger, and not just a 2D image. The result, the company claims, is a spoof-proof system.

That's about as much as Samsung was willing to dwell on screen tech during its keynote presentation, but check out our hands-on for a first look, and know that we're taking home a review unit soon and will be giving it the usual in-depth review treatment. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you have any geeky, super specific questions you'd like us to answer in our upcoming deep dive.