BlackBerry KEY2 will be available in a souped-up red model

Once you're past the looks, you'll find more storage and fresh software.

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BlackBerry Mobile/TCL
BlackBerry Mobile/TCL

You're unlikely to see a full-on sequel to the BlackBerry KEY2 for a few months or more, but the BlackBerry Mobile team does have something to keep QWERTY phone fans enthused in the meantime. It's launching a KEY2 Red Edition that covers the front and sides (not to mention the bundled earbuds) with deep red -- think of it as a more refined take on the KEY2 LE. It's not just a cosmetic upgrade, thankfully, as the red-hued model also comes with double the storage at 128GB.

Otherwise, most of the changes revolve around software. You'll find a revamped Hub+ with an ergonomically friendly action bar at the bottom of its apps. The spruced-up handset will also tout modernized versions of BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry Calendar.

There's no specific release date yet, but the KEY2 Red Edition will be available in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East for $749 (£699 in the UK, €779 in Europe). That price may be the biggest obstacle. We already thought $649 was already a lot to pay for a phone with mid-range processing power, and charging $100 more for a new color and a spec bump could be a bit much. If you're a BlackBerry devotee, though, this is arguably the best way to stand out in an already exclusive club.

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