The next 'Overwatch' hero is a battle-scarred combat medic

Baptiste will give healer fans one more character option.

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Activision Blizzard
Activision Blizzard

Overwatch fans only have a handful of options for healers, but they're about to get one more. Blizzard has revealed that the game's next hero is Baptiste, a Haitian combat medic who grew up an orphan during the Omnic Wars and learned hard lessons about helping others and choosing sides. There are precious few details in the preview, but an earlier teaser letter hinted that Baptiste's hallmark is an "adaptability to new situations." He may be closer to Ana (who can play an offensive role in a pinch) than more support-oriented heroes like Mercy and Zenyatta.

There's no mention of when you can expect to see Baptiste in action. Blizzard historically introduces heroes shortly before they appear in the Public Test Realm, though. If you're willing to be an early adopter, you can likely check out his abilities in the near future.

The timing may be more important than it has in the past. The second season of Overwatch League kicked off earlier in the month (albeit with a rough start), and the Paris map debuted shortly before that. More importantly, there's fresh competition. While a title like Apex Legends is fundamentally different, there's a real chance it's drawing the attention of some Overwatch players given its early popularity. Baptiste might give them a reason to come back, if just to see what's new.

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