Canada will allow US extradition of Huawei CFO to move forward

Meng Wanzhou is very likely headed to the US to face charges.

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Ben Nelms/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Ben Nelms/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Huawei financial chief Meng Wanzhou is one step closer to facing sanctions-related fraud charges in the US. Canada's Department of Justice has issued an Authority to Proceed measure that greenlights the extradition process for Meng, making it that more likely she'll head south. A British Columbia Supreme Court will set the date for the extradition hearing at a March 6th court date where Meng will appear.

Meng will remain under her strict bail conditions throughout the process, including GPS tracking and constant monitoring by security staff. The Justice Department stressed that this wasn't a trial, and that it didn't extradite people if it believed the move would violate Canadian civil rights.

The US' bid to extradite the CFO is part of a larger US legal battle against Huawei, including allegations the firm stole US trade secrets and violated sanctions against Iran. It's not guaranteed to pay off. Meng might not face extradition for months or years, and there's a chance she could prevail in her case. However, the US is effectively achieving some of its goals simply by asking for extradition -- it's already limiting Meng's freedom and sending a message to Huawei's leadership.

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