Chromebook App Hub gives teachers ideas for class activities

Google aims to link developers and schools.

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Many schools use Chromebooks, but they might not always know how to make the most of those systems in the classroom -- and Google knows it. The firm is launching a Chromebook App Hub that will both help teachers find activity ideas and connect institutions with developers that might fit their needs. Educators can both create and look for "idea sparks" and apps based on the age range, subject, idea category and even specific learning goals.

The App Hub will be available sometime later in 2019, although educators and developers alike can show interest in the program right now.

There's no question that the App Hub is a pragmatic move for Google. The easier it is for schools to find and use Chrome OS web apps that fit their needs, the more likely they are to deploy Chromebooks. That could give it an edge against Microsoft, Apple and others vying for a piece of the educational pie. Even so, it could be genuinely helpful if it leads to smarter uses of technology in the classroom.

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