Instant Pot's creator is merging with the company behind Pyrex

Expect a cooking tech powerhouse.

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Nicole Lee/Engadget
Nicole Lee/Engadget

Instant Pot cookers already have a loyal following, and now they're about have some extra clout, too. Corelle Brands, the company behind kitchen brands like CorningWare and Pyrex, has unveiled plans to merge with Instant Pot's creators Instant Brands. The two hope to create a "world-class" housewares company that covers food prep head-to-toe, whether it's the actual cooking or storing leftovers. Instant's CEO, Robert Wang, also touted that this would help foster its "expanding product development pipeline."

It's not certain how this will affect the Instant Pot line itself, but Instant Brands will continue to operate out of its home in Ottawa, Canada. Wang will stick around as the combined firm's Chief Innovation Officer, while Corelle's Ken Wilkes will run the united company. Corelle expects the deal to close in the second quarter of the year.

There's no immediate hint as to how this might change the Instant Pot line, but it could easily mean a lot for distribution and exposure -- it could be easier to pick up the multi-purpose cooker. This could also give the company more freedom to take chances, such as introducing new technology to Instant Pot or exploring unfamiliar device categories.

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