Amazon's joint healthcare organization is called 'Haven'

The company and its partners have also launched a website alongside the revelation.

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Joshua Roberts / Reuters
Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Last year, Amazon announced a healthcare venture with Warren Buffet and JPMorgan Chase. It was still in the planning stages at the time, but now the tech giant and its partners are finally ready to present their project to the public. They've named their venture "Haven," and according to the website they've launched along with the revelation, the name "reflects [their] goal to be a partner to individuals and families and help them get the care they need, while also working with clinicians and others to make the overall system better for all."

Haven, the website says, is a nonprofit that aims to make primary care easier to access, make prescription drugs more affordable and insurance benefits easier to understand. When the partners first announced the endeavor, they said they want to accomplish those goals with the help of technology. That hasn't changed: they explained that they're looking at new ways to use data and technology to better the healthcare system.

The organization will start with addressing the healthcare needs of 1.2 million Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase workers in the US. Ultimately, the partners intend to use whatever they learn from that initial period and the solutions they come up with to improve the system for everyone.

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