Microsoft reminds everyone about Project xCloud with a live demo

Public trials are supposed to start 'this year.'

There are so many competing attempts to become the Netflix of Gaming -- in more than one form -- it can be hard to remember who is in the mix. Sony just recently reminded everyone of PS4 Remote Play with a new app for iPhones and iPads, and we're already anticipating a big announcement from Google next week.

Microsoft doesn't have much new information to share about its own game streaming platform, Project xCloud, but exec Kareem Choudhry did give viewers a live demonstration of the technology during an Inside Xbox broadcast. In an accompanying blog post he confirmed it's still on track to begin real-world tests later this year, and carefully pitched it as an addition to traditional console gaming -- which is still going to be a source for 4K and HDR experiences -- while this can be an option for use on the road or while someone else is watching TV.

As the host played Forza Horizon 4 streaming from one of Microsoft's datacenters to a phone it certainly looked similar to the usual console experience. With a standard controller connected to the phone via Bluetooth, it still played as intended, but we'll need some time on the sticks to see how latency and picture quality really measure up. It's certainly not enough to distract from other cloud gaming options headed our way, but it's something to think about with a new generation of hardware pulling ever closer.