Google's first AI-powered Doodle is a piano duet with Bach

It will be up for 48 hours, starting on March 21st.

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Google has created its first ever AI-powered Doodle to celebrate Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday, and it can turn your tunes into masterpieces in the Baroque composer's style. Starting on March 21st, you'll be able to play with the interactive Doodle, which will prompt you to compose a two-measure melody or pick one of the pre-existing choices. When you press the "Harmonize" button, it will use machine learning to give you a version of your melody that sounds like it was composed by Bach himself.


Three Google teams had to collaborate for the project: the Doodle team, the Google Magenta team (which is exploring the role of machine learning in the processes of creating art and music) and the Google PAIR team (which concentrates on designing people-centric AI systems). To develop the Doodle's ability, the team first created a machine learning model to power it. They then fed that model 306 Bach chorale harmonizations, which are perfect for training since they always feature four voices that have their own melodic line.

In addition, they designed the process so that it happens entirely within the browser to be able to ensure it can be accessed around the world. If your PC or internet is too slow, though, the Doodle can rely on global data centers to accomplish the task. The Bach Doodle will be up for 48 hours from March 21st to March 22nd in 77 countries.

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