HTC's work-oriented Vive Focus Plus headset arrives mid-April for $799

The more powerful standalone VR gear is a few weeks away.

If you're eager to don HTC's professional Vive Focus Plus headset, you won't have much longer to wait... although you will pay a hefty sum for the privilege. The company has announced that the Focus Plus will be available through the Vive website in mid-April for $799 in 25 markets around the world. That's a hefty increase over the $599 you'd pay for the enterprise version of the original Vive Focus, but HTC is clearly betting that the Plus' advanced performance will make all the difference for exacting users.

Insta360 Evo 配合 HTC Vive Focus

Most notably, you get dual six-degrees-of-freedom controllers instead of the simpler single controller from before. It'll be much more useful for complex, precise tasks like the medical simulations we tried in February. You'll also find sharper fresnel lenses that reduce the screen door effect you frequently see with the displays in VR headsets, and a multi-mode capability lets you access VR content from across PCs, mobile devices, game consoles and other devices -- namely the recently-launched Insta360 Evo VR camera. You wouldn't want to buy this just for fun (the Oculus Quest is arguably better suited for that), but you might not be limited to work apps in your off-hours.