Google streamlines two-step verification with security keys

You'll even have your choice of Bluetooth keys.

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studioEAST/Getty Images
studioEAST/Getty Images

Google just made it easier to lock down your account if you're a G Suite user. The internet giant is trotting out a series of updates for two-step verification, starting with the interface itself. You'll see new instructions text and images to walk you through the process of setting up a security key, and the flow for that process now changes depending on the browser you're using. You'll get an experience unique to Chrome or Safari, for instance.

You also won't have to rush to grab one of Google's own Titan keys if you want the luxury of Bluetooth. Google is promising "expanded" wireless key support, and you can enable the feature through a flag if you're on Linux. All told, you'll have a good excuse to adopt two-step if you were reluctant to adopt it in the first place.

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