Epix Now streaming service expands to Roku and Amazon Fire TV

It launched last month on Apple TV, Android and iOS.

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Last month, the MGM network Epix launched a standalone video streaming service called Epix Now. Initially, it was available on Apple TV, Android and iOS. But as of today, it's also available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV, too. This will give more customers access to the network's four live channels, original shows and movies. The expansion will also help Epix Now secure a better foothold in the living room, where Roku and Amazon Fire TV have a stronghold.

Epix was slower than other networks to launch a stand-alone streaming service, but at $6-per-month, Epix Now is less expensive than many competitors. HBO Now is $14.99 per month and Showtime's streaming option is $10.99 per month. While Epix Now might be a late bloomer, its expansion to Roku and Amazon Fire TV suggest the network is pushing ahead. Earlier this week, Epix also announced it will be part of the Apple TV+ launch, so customers will be able to subscribe and watch through Apple's TV app. Once signed up, be on the lookout for Epix's documentary series based on the podcast Slow Burn, which should appear later this year.

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