Apple to shut down Texture on May 28th now that News+ exists

This won't be great news if you live outside the Apple ecosystem.

You knew Texture wasn't long for this world once Apple News+ arrived -- and sure enough, the end is in sight. Texture has warned subscribers that its all-you-can-read magazine service will end on May 28th, 2019. You'll have a month-long free News+ trial (the same as for anyone else) to see if the new service scratches your itch. However, there's one main problem: many of Texture's subscribers can't make the jump.

Unlike when Apple closed Beats Music, there's currently no support for Android or Windows. You'll have to pick up an iOS device or Mac if you want to use News+ right now. And simply speaking, the likelihood of a subscriber buying an iPad or Mac just to keep service going is rather slim. Those users are more likely to jump to alternatives like Scribd, even though those services might not offer the same selection as Apple.

It's an unusual move when Apple is otherwise making its services widely available. Apple Music is available on Android, Windows and even third-party smart speakers, while Apple's TV app will be available on smart TVs as well as competing media hubs like Fire TV and Roku players. It doesn't appear that Apple is eager to make News+ ubiquitous, at least not in the short term.