macOS update adds support for Apple's News+ subscription service

You'll also find key Safari updates and support for new AirPods.

Apple may have left Mac users wondering where their update was after iOS 12.2 arrived, but it didn't leave them waiting for long. The company has released macOS Mojave 10.14.4, where the centerpiece is undoubtedly support for Apple News+ subscriptions (and, we'd add, Apple News in Canada). If you're the sort who'd want to catch up on magazines using your MacBook, you're set. There are other updates if you're not that enthused with News+, thankfully.

Safari users are more likely to see the biggest updates. You'll find Dark Mode support for those sites that allow custom color schemes, and you should see a slicker web login process when you're using Password AutoFill. Security and privacy have improved with warnings for insecure pages as well as a replacement for the old Do Not Track standard with Intelligent Tracking Prevention that bars cross-site tracking as a matter of course. And if you hate getting pop-ups asking you about website push notifications the moment you visit, you're in luck -- Safari will only allow those prompts after you've interacted with the site.

Other upgrades are subtler. Macs now support second-generation AirPods, and Maps includes the Air Quality Index in the US, UK and India. You'll get real-time text for phone calls you make through a nearby iPhone. You'll also find a host of bug fixes that touch on App Store updates, USB audio, MacBook Air screen brightness, Mac mini graphics and WiFi connection problems, among others.