HDHomeRun's TV service for cord-cutters is shutting down

A lawsuit against its supplier doomed the Premium TV channel package.

It's only been a few months since HDHomeRun launched its $35 per month Premium TV service, but now the company has emailed customers to announce it's shutting down. Cord Cutters News posted the email, which informed subscribers that it would work until the end of their plan date, but could not be renewed. The email doesn't get into why the offering is so suddenly going away, but the fact is that major Hollywood studios have sued its provider, Omniverse TV, claiming the company doesn't have the rights to distribute their programming.

Still, HDHomeRun owners can expect to see their devices continue to work as they always have, just without the streaming subscription TV package. Users can record TV and stream it to TVs, set-top boxes and mobile devices, just like always. The question now is what other innovations it can make to attract cord-cutters when even the cable companies have taken notice of this market.