The Morning After: Shotgun-toting drones and washed-up Garfield phones

Not an April Fools' story.

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Mat Smith
April 1st, 2019
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Moscow Aviation Institute
Moscow Aviation Institute

Remember that today is the worst day in the tech-media calendar: April Fools. Anything dumb or frivolous is likely just a company's efforts to inject some corporation-approved 'fun' / troll baiting into their day-to-day work. Stay skeptical, stay safe for the next 24 hours, please.

Not an April 1st story.
Why Garfield phones have littered French beaches for 35 years

A bizarre mystery of 90s-era kitsch phones washing ashore in France has been solved.

No AirPower mat? No problem.
Apple AirPods are still the best-selling true wireless earbuds

If you can barely even recall the days when people mocked the AirPods because they look just like their wired brethren, we don't blame you. They've shot up in popularity over the past couple of years, and according to new findings by Counterpoint Research, they're still the dominant true wireless earbuds available despite a couple of shifts in the market. According to Counterpoint's estimates, 12.5 million wireless headphones shipped in the fourth quarter of 2018, and Apple was responsible for most of them: The tech giant held a 60 percent market share.

In cities!Google Maps adds a city-themed 'Snake' game

Google has added a Snake game to Google Maps -- play the classic with a major-cities theme, this time. You'll play as an ever-growing double-decker bus snapping up passengers in London, for example, while you'll play as a cable car in San Francisco or a commuter train in Tokyo.

Gerard Williams III led the design of all Apple processors from the A7.
Apple's lead iPhone chip designer leaves the company

Apple's senior director in platform architecture, Gerard Williams III, left the company last month after nine years, according to CNET. He might not be the most recognizable name from the tech giant, but he held a very important position for a company that's making it a point to design more and more of its own components.

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