Netflix's new superhero movie may star Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer

The superhero film might be out this fall.

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Steve Cohn/Invision/AP
Steve Cohn/Invision/AP

Netflix may have lost the whole Defenders crew, but it's reportedly gaining two new superheroes. According to Deadline, the streaming giant is "wrapping up deals" with Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer to star in Thunder Force. The film, written and will be directed by McCarthy's husband Ben Falcone, might be out this fall and will revolve around two characters getting superpowers.

It definitely sounds like an origin story, though it's still unclear if the two stars will get their powers from being bitten by insects, being subjected to top-secret human experimentation or being involved in vehicular accidents with truckloads of dangerous chemicals. Details are still under wraps, perhaps until Netflix is ready to announce that the award-winning actresses have truly signed on.

Entertainment Weekly has spilled one particular detail that will help you set your expectations, though: the film will not be R-rated like Falcon's The Happytime Murders puppet comedy crime flick. It will reportedly appeal to a broader audience, so the duo's superpowered hijinks will likely be adventures the whole family can enjoy.

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