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'Apex Legends' fix restores the progression you lost

Anything you've done since the 1.1 patch won't stick around, though.

If you fired up Apex Legends after the 1.1 patch on April 2nd only to panic as all your progression was nowhere to be seen, don't panic -- it's back. Respawn has fixed a mistake on its end that moved players to servers that didn't have their persistence, making it look as if all their progress had been erased. Everything you did up until the moment 1.1 went live should be intact, and any currency will revert back to the pre-fix state.

The game hasn't been free of problems since its debut, including cheaters, crashes and balance issues. However, actual showstoppers have been rare. That's bound to be a relief for not only gamers, but a developer hoping to keep its momentum as it takes on its arch-rival Fortnite.