'Fortnite' takes a cue from 'Apex Legends' with respawn points

Reboot Vans give you a second chance to play.

If it wasn't already evident that Epic is concerned Apex Legends might cut Fortnite's momentum short, it is now. Epic is preparing an update that introduces Reboot Vans, a not-so-subtle parallel to Apex's revive stations. Should any of your squad mates meet a premature end, you can pick up their Reboot Cards (aka banners in Apex) and head to one of the vans to bring them back to the fight, so long as it hasn't been used too recently. Resurrected players won't have any gear, and you'll want to clear out quickly due to the attention-getting light and noise -- but at least your teammates won't have to sit idle if you're determined to finish the round.

You'll see the vans appear at points of interest when the update arrives next week.

This isn't the first time Epic has made a conspicuous choice to ride a bandwagon. Many (including the PUBG team for a while) accused it of tacking battle royale on to Fortnite in a bid to capitalize on PUBG's success. You might not necessarily mind. The one-death-and-you're-done model has been one of the more frustrating aspects of battle royale games, even if it does ratchet up the tension. This gives you a reason to stick around until your team is either wiped or wins the match.