Facebook's Tributes tab collects memories of people who've died

Friends and family who maintain the profiles will have more control over them.

Facebook is rolling out several updates for memorialized accounts, which are profiles that remain active for people who have passed away. A dedicated tributes tab will let friends and family share stories and memories of their loved one, allowing the late person's timeline to stay as it was before they passed away.

Since 2015, the social network has allowed users to designate a friend or family member as their legacy contact, someone who will maintain their Facebook account after they die. They can now moderate the tributes tab by limiting who can post and see posts, deleting them if necessary, modifying tag settings and removing tags. Legacy contacts can also change profile and cover photos, pin posts to the top of profiles and respond to friend requests. However, they can't read private messages, remove friends or make new friend requests.

Although those aged 18 or under can't designate a legacy contact, Facebook will let parents of a child who passed away request to become the custodian of their profile. Additionally, only friends and family members will be able to ask Facebook to verify someone has passed away and to memorialize the person's account.

Meanwhile, Facebook says it's working to improve its systems that stop memorialized profiles from appearing in "places that might cause distress," such as birthday reminders or suggesting the deceased person as a potential invitee to an event.