The first 'Destiny 2' spring event begins April 16th

Expect lots of flowery gear in The Revelry.

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Bungie hinted at its first spring-themed Destiny 2 event in its year two roadmap, and now you'll know exactly what that entails. The Revelry kicks off April 16th with a slew of activities that not so subtly remind you that the weather is warming up. The extravaganza revives the Haunted Forest from the fall's Festival of the Lost, but this time with a decidedly more cheery landscape (it's called the Verdant Forest for a reason) and "new twists." And instead of masks or The Dawning's recipes, you'll get a Reveler's Tonic that provides buffs when you fill it with an "essence" earned by killing Verdant Forest bosses or completing other tasks.

Naturally, there's loot -- lots of loot. Inaugural Revelry and Vernal Growth armor sets not only help you stand out from the pack, but enhance the effectiveness of the tonic. There are even ornaments that will grow larger the more Revelry-specific armor you wear. You can also earn the game's first kinetic fusion rifle, the Arbalest, by both turning in essence and completing triumphs. That's not including the usual assortment of cosmetic items. If you've ever wanted a ladybug-themed Ghost, your update has arrived.

The event wraps up May 7th, and it's available to all players. Although The Revelry isn't going to be as big as Destiny's individual seasons, it's still important -- it adds some much-needed variety at a point in the year where there's frequently a lull in new content.

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