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Watch SpaceX's Falcon Heavy launch and triple booster landing (update: take two)

This is the second launch for the 'world's most powerful rocket.'

Last year SpaceX finally launched its massive Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time. While the plan to return all three of its boosters fell just short of success, today the company will try again, and as usual you can watch a live stream of the attempt right here. This is also the first use of its more powerful Block 5 boosters that provide additional thrust for the Arabsat-6A mission. The launch window is scheduled to open at 8 PM ET, however the latest information suggested high winds could push a launch toward the end of the window at 8:32 PM.

Once again, the plan is for the rocket's side boosters to pull off a synchronized ground landing, while SpaceX attempts its first successful return of the center core to a droneship in the ocean. If it does not launch today, then the next launch window is tomorrow from 6:35 PM ET until 8:31 PM.

Update (7:30 PM ET): The launch attempt has been scrubbed for today due to "Upper atmospheric wind shear." The next opportunity is still set for tomorrow, April 11th.

Update (5 PM ET, April 11th): According to SpaceX, all systems and weather are a go, with the launch window opening at 6:35 PM ET.

Update (7 PM ET, April 11th): The launch and triple landing was successful!